Welcome to the PIP card portal

Weekly Deadline is Wednesday at noon. Applications received after this time will not be processed until the following week

You are at the beginning of our application process. Please ensure you have a photo of the player and copy of their passport, birth certificate or expired PIP card  saved to your device before proceeding with your request. PIP cards are ALWAYS & ONLY sent to your club Secretary as they must ensure the player is correctly registered and insured with the club to play a game. 

Please make sure that the email address used in the application is the one attached to your PayPal account. If they do not match your application may create an exception.

The cost of the card is €6.00 plus P&P incl. PayPal fee (€7.80). The card must be paid for via the portal to proceed with the application.

You can now crop the area when uploading to adjust the photo area and ensure the card looks best when printing. 

If you're club have available of our prepaid system, just hit the below button to access. If your club are not listed then they are not registered to use this facility and you must apply via the below form.