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Features & Benefits
The €20.00 membership fee includes many different features and benefits. This platform has been designed specifically to assist you in your coaching role, develop your players and protect the safety of you, the coach. 

1.    You will receive coaching level specific materials beneficial to team and development of your club.

2.    The FAI National Coaches card- Is the only official card with up to date qualifications and information. This information will not be ratified by any other organisation. ie a coach would not be allowed to put a qualification on an external card as the qualification is sanctioned by the FAI.

3.    Access to the FAI Coaches' online website

4.    Private access to coaching materials, including session plans, video footage, interview and guidance from international managers

5.    Access to a monthly newsletter

6.    An official UEFA Licence card* for applicable coaching levels

7.    Session planner software at a massively discounted FAI Coaches' rate

9.    Performance analysis software at a massively discounted FAI Coaches' rate

10. Discounts to FAI conferences and coaching conventions

By attaining the FAI National Coaches card it offers piece of mind to players and parents in relation to there FAI affiliation, Garda Vetting status, current coaching level and member club.

Have you recent completed a FAI Coach Ed course?
If you completed an FAI course in the past two weeks  your may be eligible for the complimentary FAI card. To apply just click the below button. Please bear in mind that your course will be removed from the listing within two weeks from course completion. Act today to avoid disappointment.

Coach Ed Card